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Flounder Gigging Texas

Flounder Gigging is a unique experience that is very productive and exciting way to harvest a flounder.  We flounder gig the west Galveston bay, chocolate bay and Christmas bay areas. For you guys that don't own boats I will show you productive spots where you can drive up to and flounder gig. 

Our guide service is a bit different than other flounder gigging guide services out there.

Fishing galveston bay and flounder gigging galveston bay Here's why we are the first guide services to offer wade flounder gigging.  This is where we take our specialized under water lights and hop out of the boat in search of our pray. Versus the other guys where they use a specialized boat with an air motor to troll the banks.  The problem with gigging out of a boat is that only a hand full of nights out of a typical month are conducive to flounder gigging.  Where on the other hand wade gigging is a very productive method of fishing for flounder because  even on the nights with low visibility were still able to find our fish. 

Flounder gigging Texas

Our goal is to give you an enjoyable exsperiance that you will never for get.